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Help with redirect Uris issue?

I have been going along with the MetaFab Demo video that had been posted onto Youtube and everything up to 32:23 has worked as mentioned in the video. I placed the same bridgeworld URL in the redirectUris as exactly as you shown, I clicked on the "Try It" button on the Curl window and I recieved a 200 response message with my game data information I entered. Now with the 200 response message, I am assuming my informtion is correct but when I go to try it out on my connect.metafab.com page and login, it continues to hourgass and not redirect.
We have also tried using other links besides bridgeworld and the redirects have not worked for me, my friend, or my father and we're all recieving the same outcome.
We continued to work through the video numerous times to gain knowledge of other functions and have created in-game tokens succesfully.
We would like some help with the redirect, would someone please assist us with the redirectUris?