The MetaFab Philosophy


Historically, building blockchain-based games that capture mainstream players who have never interacted with crypto has been nearly impossible. User experiences with existing crypto solutions are subpar at best. Educating players on how to setup wallets, get cryptocurrency to push transactions through on a network, and securely manage their own wallets is both tough and frustrating for players.

We encountered all of these problems and more while we've continued building NFT Worlds. With NFT Worlds, we wanted to create a player experience that was crypto-based but had none of the friction for players that existing solutions caused.

It became evident we had the right solutions to drive mainstream player onboarding into a crypto-based game. Over 50% of our playerbase (nearly 100,000+ players acquired in a month) to date had never interacted with cryptocurrency previously. But now, they're earning and spending $WRLD (ERC20) token in game, transacting and trading with other players, buying and selling game items, and more. All of this through cryptocurrency based systems we've developed that removed all the friction from the player's experience.

MetaFab extends these systems and ideas we've developed and opens them up to the greater developer community to use for free in an open and collaborative way. These are systems that took us months to build. Now, any developer can launch the exact same systems and solutions in minutes, for free.

Our team wants to see crypto-based games be a mainstream occurrence in the next few years. In our effort to help make this happen, we're developing MetaFab with the following philosophy.

  • Frictionless player & developer experiences.
  • Open, free, iterative solutions with no lock-in.
  • Community driven & developed.

Frictionless Player & Developer Experiences

We believe it's absolutely imperative for the experience of any game or gamified application to be as frictionless as possible for players or users. All of the systems we've developed and will develop for MetaFab are based on this principle. Integration and usage patterns of these systems are also designed to be as easy as possible for developers building on MetaFab.

Players should be able to earn, buy, sell and trade game items and currencies in crypto-enabled games through an experience that feels as similar to non-crypto games as possible. Dealing with required wallet management, transactions, network fees and more must be removed from the player experience to usher in mainstream adoption. We believe the right solution is frictionless managed wallets with external wallet (EOA) support for player accounts.

Developers should be able to create robust crypto-based games, game economies, player management, item systems and more without having to build or manage complex crypto or blockchain infrastructure. As a game studio or indie developer, you should be able to interact with a set of standard APIs or framework/language specific SDKs that handle all of these complexities out of the box, allowing you to focus on what you do best - building great games.

Open, Free, Iterative Solutions With No Lock-In

All of the core systems we develop and offer through MetaFab will remain free. You own the smart contracts deployed through these systems, and you're never locked in. We're constantly improving MetaFab through compounding feedback data & delivering on different developer needs.

Community Driven & Developed

The life of any great developer-first platform lies in the extent of its developer community and culture. Our largest focus outside of developing MetaFab's systems, is creating a community for developers to provide one another with development resources, support, collaboration and experimentation. Additionally, our development and system design considerations all originate from the feedback we receive from our developer community.

If you're curious to learn more about MetaFab or its community, now is the best time to head over to our Discord server to join our existing developer community.