Crafting Overview

Any conversion of one or many items to one or many other items is called crafting. Crafting allows a wide variety of flexibility when developing game economies and fun item progression mechanics.

Within MetaFab, our shop system also supports the functionality required for crafting mechanics. Ultimately, shops are a generic system that allows any combination of items and currency to be converted to any other combination of items or currency in a single transaction. This allows you to quickly create an extremely flexible variety of mechanics, including crafting.

Using blockchain to support your games crafting systems has a number of benefits over traditional crafting system development. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Dynamically track and evolve your games crafting system through on-chain analytics and the ability to quickly update available crafting offers.
  • Fast track crafting system development using a solution that is ready to go in minutes.
  • Simple patterns for creation of crafting mechanics through shop offers.
  • Atomic transactions. This means if a player attempts to craft something, all operations associated with that interaction must succeed, otherwise the entire interaction is reverted.
  • And much more.

With MetaFab, you can get started with creating crafting offers through shops within minutes. The MetaFab shop system when used for crafting implements an extensive amount of functionality, helpers, caching and more. These systems provide everything you'd expect when creating a way for players to craft and upgrade items. This non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Crafting Caching & Retrieval: On-chain crafting offer caching is automatically handled by MetaFab. Like every other system and feature we offer, you can use our extremely simple APIs and SDKs to immediately retrieve an up to date list of your shop's available offers for your players to interact with.

  • External Item Contract Support: For crafting offers you can support any MetaFab item collection or existing ERC1155 contract outside of the MetaFab ecosystem. This includes the ability for your crafting offers to require or give items from external ERC1155 smart contracts.

  • Item Inputs & Outputs: Creating crafting systems using shop offers allows you to create any set of item inputs and outputs, including input and outputs of varying quantities. For example, you can create crafting offers that require 2 iron ingot items and 1 leather item and in exchange gives a player 1 sword and 1 shield. Any number of combinations with crafting offers to fit your game's needs are possible.