Ecosystems & Cross-Game Interoperability

Ecosystems Overview


High level overview of what MetaFab Ecosystems enable.

Often, a single game is part of a greater ecosystem of many other games. An ecosystem may be a set of games from a single publisher, part of a DAO-like model such as, a game marketplace like Steam, or many other organizational structures.

These ecosystems that support many games enable unique experiences for players. MetaFab provides a standard framework for ecosystems of games through a highly flexible and frictionless product suite. Our ecosystem's product allows things such as:

  • Single Sign On Across Games: Use one player profile at the ecosystem level as a single sign-on (SSO) for any game within the ecosystem.
  • Interoperability: Cross-game interoperability of a player's game currencies and assets through their ecosystem profile's managed or connected external wallet. This means ecosystem-level or game-specific assets can be interoperated across other games in a secure, permissioned, and standard way.
  • Achievement Tracking: Full support for soul-bound tokens at the player's ecosystem-level profile, such as achievements, "XP," rank, etc, across games.
  • Better Permissioning Flows: Permissioned asset control across ecosystem games through a familiar oauth-like experience for players.
  • Ecosystem Control & Security: The ecosystem account, by default, must explicitly approve games that can request access to profile assets and authentication through single sign-on flows.
  • Frictionless For Players: The same frictionless technology MetaFab brings to individual games works just the same for games within an ecosystem. Player ecosystem profiles used to log into a game interact with MetaFab APIs like standard game-level player accounts. This means no additional developer implementation overhead.
  • Frictionless For Developers: Developers do not need to implement any additional logic to make frictionless API calls on behalf of players using ecosystem profiles that have signed into their game. After authentication, these profiles provide the same style accessToken and decryptWalletKey as standard player accounts and can be plugged into your game's existing MetaFab API usage without any changes.

Use Cases


Mockup example single-sign on for the "Treasure" ecosystem and "Bitmates" game.

MetaFab's ecosystem product provides an extremely powerful white-label technology that can be depended on as the backbone of your game ecosystem's interoperability and single sign-on strategies.

We consider our ecosystem product a breakthrough in frictionless onboarding for web2 and web3 gamers and a key infrastructure consideration for gaming platforms of all kinds looking to deepen their network effects and defensibility.

Ecosystems allow your partnered games to implement a "Login with Ecosystem Name Here" single sign-on flow for their games. This will enable players within your ecosystem to use one account that interoperates frictionlessly across many games without ever dealing with transactions or needing gas.

Some relevant and existing use cases of MetaFab's ecosystem technology include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaming DAOs With Partnered Games
  • Game Publishers With Multiple Games
  • Game Marketplaces
  • Gaming Guilds

Our APIs & Systems, Your Branding & Control

We recognize the importance of brand control by our partners already using or integrating our ecosystem product.

MetaFab exposes all fully documented APIs for you to build your platform's own UI/UX flow for ecosystem integration.

As an alternative to developing your own UI/UX, use MetaFab's existing UI/UX flow that takes less than an hour to configure and can be branded entirely by you and your games. This flow supports full customization of the following:

  • Brand colors
  • Logos & icons
  • Background images
  • Your domain or subdomain attached to your ecosystem's single sign-on flow
  • And more

See the example image below pointing out different areas of customization using MetaFab's ecosystem single sign-on flow.


Mockup example Treasure ecosystem branded single sign on flow

Player Security & Permissioned Asset Access

Existing asset approval systems using wallets like MetaMask are inherently confusing for most people. Too confusing for mainstream gamers to quickly understand and start playing a game. The current flows for approving access to assets held by wallets often lead to assets being compromised by end users accidentally clicking prompts they don't fully understand.

MetaFab's ecosystem auth flow provides a permissioned way for ecosystem games to explicitly request permission to use assets held by a player's ecosystem profile wallet. This flow clearly explains what permissions a game requests relative to a player's assets and allows them to approve or deny them, similar to a traditional OAuth permissioning flow.


Mockup example permission request during the single sign on flow. In this example "Bitmates" is requesting specific asset and wallet access to a player's Treasure ecosystem profile.

Seamless Integration For New & Existing Games

Ecosystems are another piece of MetaFab's vertically integrated stack that blends seamlessly with our other solutions.

Any new or existing game wanting to onboard into a specific ecosystem does not need to implement any additional logic other than the sign-in flow for an ecosystem.

For game developers, this process by default at a high level is as simple as:

  1. Integrate a "Sign In With ... " button within a game.
  2. Upon a player clicking the sign-in button, redirect them to the ecosystem's auth URL. Within the URL, a game can set query parameters requesting specific asset permissions and a redirect URL back to the game (or no redirect URL if your game is a native pc, console, or another type of game).
  3. Once a player signs in & approves the requested permissions, upon redirecting back to the provided redirect URL, a fragment # is appended to the URL, which includes the player's authentication credentials, specifically #id=...&accessToken=...&walletDecryptKey=.... For games on console or native PC games, the fragment is appended to the auth flow URL and can be extracted from an in-game browser modal used to present the flow.
  4. That's it! You use the returned accessToken and walletDecryptKey just like you would with any game-level player account, and everything just magically works!

Ready To Get Started?

You can get started and follow our guide on configuring your ecosystem here: Ecosystem & SSO Setup