MetaFab's Pricing & Business Model

Pricing (100% Free)

One of the most common questions we get about MetaFab is - what's the cost? An end-to-end solution that implements and basically solves every blockchain related pain point and engineering problem for games can't be cheap, right?

MetaFab is 100% free and our core services will always be free. Core services include everything we've released to date, and all future systems we release unless we explicitly state there is a pricing model behind these future systems.

How Is MetaFab Free?

MetaFab is free, so how can we sustain the service and continue to develop it?

As a developer, you want to be certain that any platforms or tools you use can sustain their services and be reliable for many years to come.

First, our underlying costs are extremely low. MetaFab's server infrastructure on AWS is heavily optimized and even at scale costs an amount that is basically a rounding error.

Second, our team is lean and cost efficient. We're a fully remote team with no office costs and we focus on only hiring the highest level of top tier talent to prevent the excessive costs that often comes from teams with an overly bloated head count.

Finally, we're playing the long game here. We have a warchest of funds that can sustain our development at the current trend for years to come before needing outside capital or revenue streams. Revenue models that keep our core services free are planned.

How Will MetaFab Make Money?

We're not averse to making money from the value we're providing, quite the contrary. We're playing the long game here. We want MetaFab's core services to always be free and meet the majority of all developer's needs such that MetaFab becomes the #1 go-to platform for building blockchain technologies into games and gamified applications.

Our future plans for integrating revenue models while keeping our core services free include the following:

  • Enterprise level service agreements for game developers, studios or agencies that need high touch service, support and bespoke development that are outside of the scope of MetaFab's core offerings.

  • Launching second layer whitelabel solutions for cross-game interoperability. This primarily means providing solutions for players to bridge liquidity and trade assets between games, and taking a very small fee on these player to player interactions should games choose to integrate these solutions in the future. These systems will be opt-in and completely optional. They're intended to provide convenience and greater reach to developers and flexibility to their player ecosystems.

  • Providing frictionless KYC (know your customer) cash onramp solutions for games and taking a very small processing fee of the total value of onramp payments.