Currencies Overview

In-game currencies are essential for a thriving game economy. Launching your game's currency on the blockchain yields a number of benefits for both players and developers and can streamline aspects of your game development process.

Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Game currency balances are automatically managed without any extra work on your end.
  • Immunity to double spend and currency duplication bugs.
  • Transactions are atomic. This means if a player spends game currency, all operations tied to that spend must succeed, otherwise the spend is reverted.
  • Other developers can openly build use cases for your game's currency to further bolster your ecosystem while you retain control and the limitations set on those developers.
  • And much more.

With MetaFab, you can launch your game currency to the blockchain in minutes. MetaFab game currencies conform to the base ERC20 standard and implement additional functionality required for managing and operating a game currency. This non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Batch Transfers & Payment References: Sending game currency between multiple parties in a single transaction is not possible with a standard ERC20 based game currency. MetaFab's game currency solution implements a way to game currency to thousands of recipients in a single transaction, invoked through an ultra simple API call. Additionally, when making payments with a game currency, associating a unique game-defined identifier denoting the purpose of a payment (payment reference) is extremely useful, MetaFab supports this out of the box.

  • Cross-Chain Bridging: Operating a game currency on multiple blockchains in a synchronized way has many benefits. Some of these benefits include access to greater available liquidity, faster transaction speeds on one chain and greater security on another, etc. MetaFab game currencies support cross-chain bridging out of the box between all currently supported chains.

  • Configurable Transaction Fees: MetaFab transactions for players operate in a frictionless manner through our gasless transactions system. With this system, the gas fees are redirected to being paid by your game's funding wallet (Think of it similar to how a game pays server costs). In many cases, to recoup the underlying costs of covering player transactions, you may want to impose a transaction fee in your game currency. This allows you to recoup a percentage, fixed amount, or both of your game currency anytime a player gaslessly spends, transfers or purchases with it. This operates synonymously to a credit card processing fee.

  • Mint, Transfers, Burns, Etc: Standard operations such as minting, game currency transfers, removing game currency supply from circulation, balance queries and more are all supported. Like all MetaFab systems, you can perform these operations through ultra simple API calls or SDK usage without ever touching low-level transactions.

  • Supply Caps: In some cases, you may want to launch a game currency that has a maximum amount of currency that can ever exist in circulation. This is called a supply cap. MetaFab game currencies support the ability to impose an immutable supply cap at the time you launch your game currency. You can choose to launch your game currencies with an unlimited maximum supply or a fixed supply cap.