Game Interoperability

Game Interoperability Overview

The open nature of blockchain enables a level of cross-game system interoperability that otherwise was not possible nor standardized previously. MetaFab was built from the beginning with a number of considerations to take advantage of the potential of this interoperability.

When you set out to build a game, historically you develop the entirety of the items in your game's ecosystem, create a new game currency from scratch, and more. With interoperability, you can build your game and use existing systems from other games.

For example, NFT Worlds' game currency is the $WRLD token, which was deployed through MetaFab. NFT Worlds has chosen to allow any other game to build on top of and integrate $WRLD token as a primary or supporting token in any other game that also uses MetaFab. This provides a number of benefits to NFT Worlds, game developers and players.

  • NFT Worlds and it's $WRLD token expands it's total utility and reaches a wider audience of players across multiple games, ultimately leading to new players likely folding back into NFT Worlds as well.
  • The game that implemented $WRLD gets immediate relevance and access to a playerbase that already holds $WRLD token and the liquidity tied to it.
  • Players get an expanded set of playable game options for the existing $WRLD token they hold beyond just NFT Worlds, opening up new gameplay experiences, incentivization through potential arbitrage opportunities, and more.
  • It's also important to note, a game implementing another game's currency, items or any other originating systems does not have administrative access to operations like minting, item creation, etc. This scope of interoperability is intended for cross-game spending & usage of existing game currencies, items and more held by players in order to provide supplemental value to system creators, implementors and players.

Just like our NFT Worlds and $WRLD example above, anyone can launch systems through MetaFab which by default are already interoperable. If you launch an ecosystem around these interoperable systems, you can reach out to us to be considered for preferred partner status in which you'll be recommended as an ecosystem to use for game developers instead of them launching their own currencies, etc where applicable.

There's a high degree of optionality in which you can offer or implement interoperable systems across MetaFab, these include the following:

  • Partner Ecosystems: A number of preferred partner ecosystems are scheduled to become available in Q1 '23. These include a variety of top tier gaming projects & ecosystems with large amounts of liquidity. As a game developer, you'll be able to easily build your game around the interoperable systems these partners make available. In exchange, you'll receive immediate access to a large player base and in many cases free game promotion and development grants.

  • Cross Compatible Game Currencies: Any ERC20 based game currency can be integrated for interoperation through the MetaFab APIs, however MetaFab deployed game currencies (also ERC20 based) are the quickest to integrate and make cross compatible because they are preconfigured to support gasless transactions, delegate approvals, batching, etc. Interoperated game currencies can be used by players to spend, trade, and more within your game.

  • Cross Compatible Items: Any ERC1155 based items collection can be integrated for interoperation through MetaFab APIs, however MetaFab deployed item collections (also ERC1155) are the quickest to integrate and make compatible because they are preconfigured to support gasless transactions, delegate approvals, batching, etc. Interoperated item collections can be used by players to grant perks, trade, craft, sell and more within your game.

  • Cross Compatible Shops, Crafting & Lootboxes: All of MetaFab's shop, crafting and lootbox systems can be interoperated and integrated into other games. This allows your game to offer select types of purchasing, crafting and lootbox mechanics from another game.


Administrative Control Of Interoperable Systems

As with all interoperable systems, you as the integrator do not have control over administrative level functions of any of these systems. Only the originating creator/deployer of any MetaFab system by default has this control.

This means, if you choose to integrate items, shops, crafting or lootboxes from another game's set of systems, it is possible for the originating game to at any time change item data, update their shops, crafting recipes or lootboxes which may or may not impact your game depending on your intended implementation.