MetaFab Introduction

⚒️ Why should I use MetaFab?

Crypto is inherently full of pain points and friction that makes mainstream player acquisition & engagement nearly impossible for games integrating blockchain. MetaFab is the result of our team spending endless hours to build systems to make it frictionless for players to join and enjoy our own crypto-based games; like @nftworldsNFT.

With Metafab, your players don't need to know anything about crypto and your game experience can operate and feel just like a non-crypto game for all mechanics while still realizing all the benefits of digital collectibles (NFTs), on-chain game currencies, and so much more.

Anything that would require a blockchain transaction or interaction is magically handled under the hood by MetaFab. Player's by default automatically have a managed wallet assigned to their account and can alternatively connect their own external (EOA) wallet if they choose.

Developing your game is streamlined - we provide all of the systems you need under an umbrella of simplified APIs. You never have to write smart contracts or deal with web3 programming libraries.

All MetaFab systems automatically handle the deployment of necessary smart contracts to your blockchain(s) of choice from our pre-written templates. You own and have full control over these deployed contracts. These contracts are audited, open source and proven at scale. If you have your own contracts to deploy, that's no problem either - all smart contracts work seamlessly with MetaFab.

We've taken everything we've proven that works to frictionlessly acquire players to our own crypto-games and made it available for anyone to use, for free. The hundreds to thousands of hours its collectively taken us to build the same infrastructure and systems that MetaFab now offers out of the box, you can get up and running with in minutes. MetaFab is what we wish we had when we started.

Finally, MetaFab will always be a no lock-in service. You own the underlying smart contracts deployed through MetaFab and can take them with you at anytime. Learn more about our no lock-in approach here.

💡 How do I get started?