Rate Limits & Custom RPCs


MetaFab routes any transactions related to your game through a default set of our own RPC endpoints (Remote procedure call). We recommend you do not use MetaFab's default RPC configuration in production.

If you're using MetaFab in a production environment, or any non-testing environment for that matter, we strongly recommend you use your own RPC endpoints, provided by a service like https://alchemyapi.io/. Alchemy's free tier for example is quite capable.

By using your own provided RPC endpoints, you're much less likely to encounter RPC endpoint rate limiting issues or inconsistent behavior due to congestion from on MetaFab's default RPC endpoints.

Configuring Custom RPCs

MetaFab supports the ability to set a custom RPC endpoint for each supported chain.

You can setup custom RPCs for your game through the PATCH /v1/games/{gameId} endpoint.

If your using an RPC endpoint provider like Alchemy, depending on the chain, your RPC endpoint URL will look something like https://polygon-mainnet.g.alchemy.com/v2/XXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Rate Limits & Throughput Limits

Most RPC endpoint providers impose per-second RPC call limits depending on the plan tier you're paying for. MetaFab is setup to attempt to handle rate-limiting edge cases by progressively backing off your game's RPC endpoint calls until it no longer receives rate limited responses.

If you're receiving 429 responses or request timeouts from any of MetaFab's endpoints, we recommend you check if your RPC provider is rate/throughput limiting RPC calls. If you're still using MetaFab's default RPC's and receiving 429 or timeout errors even in testing, please setup a custom RPC through a service like Alchemy.