Lootboxes Overview

At their core, lootboxes are a mechanic that give players a random set of item(s) upon opening. With our lootbox systems, you can create a wide variety of simple and complex lootbox mechanics, such as booster packs, treasure chests, lootboxes that require multiple items to open, and so much more.

Using blockchain for your game's lootbox systems has a number of benefits over traditional lootbox system development. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Allow trading of lootboxes or lootbox required items amongst players, allowing you to optionally capture royalty fees on secondary trading.
  • Extremely simple patterns for creation and management of lootbox rewards with support for individual item weights; allowing you to make specific items from a lootbox much rarer in occurrence than others.
  • Atomic transactions involving items. This means if players spend, trade or use items, all operations associated with that interaction must succeed, otherwise the entire interaction is reverted.
  • And much more.

You can launch your lootboxes in minutes and even sell your lootboxes as items through MetaFab's shop systems, or 3rd party marketplaces like OpenSea. MetaFab's lootbox systems are extremely flexible and offer a wide variety of features through our simple set of APIs. This non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Dynamic Input Requirements: Opening lootboxes can be configured to require one or a variety of items from any ERC1155 or MetaFab items collection. These items are burned/destroyed when opening a lootbox. This gives immense flexibility in creating mechanics across various lootbox types you may want to offer in your game. Whether you want to sell lootboxes to your players, require them to quest for multiple items in-game to open an ultra rare lootbox, or implement your lootboxes in some other way, MetaFab lootboxes can support all use cases.

  • External Item Contract Support: Aside from Metafab collection item contracts, lootboxes can support any ERC1155 contracts for lootbox requirements and rewards. Additionally, lootboxes can require items from one item collection and reward items from another item collection.

  • Lootbox Caching & Retrieval: All lootboxes you create, while on chain, are cached and kept up to date by MetaFab through our APIs. This allows extremely fast retrieval of available lootbox types, their requirements and possible rewards using MetaFab APIs.

  • Randomization Algorithm: Our lootbox systems use a future-time based randomization algorithm. This means external dependencies outside of the blockchain are not required for generating true future randomness. In short, when a lootbox is opened, a future point in time (usually a few seconds, or blocks in blockchain talk) is selected for generating a randomization seed to determine the items rewarded relative to the weights (probabilities) assigned to each possible rewardable item.