MetaFab vs. Other Solutions


If you stumbled across MetaFab, you've probably looked at a handful of other infrastructure solutions for building blockchain enabled games.

We want to preface our comparison with a few things.

  • We created MetaFab because no other solutions met our game development needs for onboarding mainstream players. If there was a solution like MetaFab that already existed, we'd of preferred to use it instead of build our own.
  • The solutions you get from MetaFab are based on player proof at scale for what actually works to implement blockchain frictionlessly and capture mainstream players. Our solutions are not based on assumptions of what game developers need, which is how most other solutions have been built.

Now, let's get into the comparison.

No lock-in, you own your deployed contracts & systems.βœ…β›”β›”β›” No contracts or related systems available.β›”
Player accounts, managed wallets, external wallet support, data managementβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Player managed wallet encryption, player controlled decryption keyβœ…πŸš© Player's don't control wallet encryption.❓Unclear based on available documentation❓Unclear based on available documentation❓Unclear based on available documentation, presumed that players do not control decrypt keys
Same API calls for players with managed or external wallets (no split logic)βœ…β›”β›”βœ…β›”
Brandable ecosystem player accounts (1 account for no-gas, no-tx play across many games)βœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
Automated transaction management (prioritization, retries, submission, nonce handling, etc)βœ…βœ…β“Unclear based on available documentationβœ…β“Unclear based on available documentation
Delegated transaction support for external wallets. Connect once & allow gasless transaction automation with your game contracts.βœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
Automated gasless transactions that work at scale (10,000+ tx/s, per game)βœ…β›”β›”πŸš© Requires extensive setup, not known to be proven at similar scale.β›”
Compatible with existing ERC20, ERC1155, ERC721, etc smart contractsβœ…β›” Just made for NFTs through Stardust's systems.❓Unclear based on available documentationβœ…β›”
Game currencies & contract deployment (ERC20) + APIsβœ…πŸš© Rigid APIs, You do not control the contract owning wallet❓Unclear based on available documentationβ›”β›”
Digital collectibles & contract deployment (ERC1155) + APIsβœ…πŸš© Rigid APIs, You do not control the contract owning wallet❓Unclear based on available documentation🚩Only APIs for query/fetch of on chain NFT data.βœ…
Automatic IPFS support for digital collectibles + APIsβœ…βœ…β“Unclear based on available documentation⛔❓Unclear based on available documentation if centralized (bad) or on IPFS
Player economy systems & contract deployment (Buy/Sell/Trade, On-chain) + APIsβœ…β›”β›”β›”βœ…
Shop systems & contract deployment (On-chain) + APIsβœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
Item crafting systems & contract deployment (On-chain) + APIsβœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
Lootboxes & contract deployment (On-chain) + APIsβœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
No smart contract writing required, use REST APIs or language specific SDKsβœ…βœ…βœ…β›” No contracts, no systems available.βœ…
You own & control deployed smart contractsβœ…β›”β›”β›” No contracts, no systems available.β›”
API level interoperability between gamesβœ…β›”β›”βœ…β“Unclear based on available documentation
Complete solution of typical systems under one consistent set of APIsβœ…β›”β›”β›”β›”
Brandable player registration/auth page with external wallet connection supportβœ…β›”β“Unclear based on available documentationβ›”β›”