Players Overview

The lifeblood of any game is its players. When building a game, there's a subset of player functionality you typically need to have control over as a developer.

MetaFab provides all of the table-stake systems you'll likely need when developing systems specific to your players for your blockchain enabled games. These systems include:

  • Zero Player Friction: Your players never need to deal with paying transaction fees, figuring out how to get tokens from exchanges, interacting with confusing wallet popups or meeting any pre-requisites of interacting with crypto. MetaFab allows you to launch zero friction blockchain enabled games that players can immediately play and frictionlessly interact with all of your game systems that are tied into blockchain under the hood.

  • Brandable Auth & Registration Flows: Fast track your login & registration flows by using our fully customizable, embeddable login & registration page. You can quickly design this page to match your game's theme and automatically handle player login, registration and relaying of player credentials to your game, such as a player's id and access token.

  • Managed Wallet Support: When a player registers for your game, a managed wallet is automatically created for them. MetaFab handles all of the complexities related to this behind the scenes. What this means for you as a developer is you can build your game and create a user experience that has zero pain points or friction related to crypto. Your players never need to deal with transactions, gas fees, wallet management, etc.

  • External Wallet Support: Your players may want to use an external wallet (EOA) that they own instead of their default managed wallet. MetaFab supports an industry first system we call approval delegation that allows your players to connect an external wallet to their player account once and frictionlessly transact through that external wallet without ever needing to sign transactions, deal with wallet pop ups and prompts, and more. This is all done without ever sharing private keys and allows you to create in-game experiences for players using external wallets that mirror the frictionless behavior of managed wallets.

  • Data Management: Saving game and player state specific to a player is a common occurrence in all types of games. MetaFab provides an ultra simple out of the box solution allowing you to write protected and public data to players using a key-value system. This solution also supports players being able to write public data to their own player account. Protected data allows you to write protected data to player accounts that only your game can write, but anyone can read. Public data allows you or the player to write public data to player accounts that your game or a player can write.