Shops Overview

Whether you have an in-game merchant that buys and sells items with your players or any other system where your players may need to buy or sell items at fixed prices, shops are the perfect system to use. Launching shops on the blockchain yields a number of benefits and can streamline monetization, economy and other systems for your game.

Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Sell and monetize your game items in a way that players can use native chain token (Eth, Matic, etc), USDC, your game currency, or any other ERC20 based token.
  • Fast track economy, item and merchant system development.
  • Simple patterns for creation of buy and sell offers your players can engage in.
  • Atomic transactions involving buying and selling. This means if players use buy or ell offers, all operations associated with that interaction must succeed, otherwise the entire interaction is reverted.
  • And much more.

With MetaFab, you can get started with creating a shop and offers within minutes. The MetaFab shop system implements an extensive amount of functionality, helpers, caching and more. Shops provide everything you'd expect to need when creating a way for players to buy and sell your game's items at fixed prices. This non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Buy Offers: Give players the ability to purchase items in game. You can think of buy offers as something an in game NPC merchant may offer, or a shop menu in game may offer. Shop offers support automatically minting additional quantity of items for enabled item collections when players purchase them using an available offer. Any payments for offer input requirements are deposited into the shop smart contract's address and can be withdrawn by your game at any time.

  • External Item Contract Support: For both buy and sell offers you can support any MetaFab item collection or existing ERC1155 contract outside of the MetaFab ecosystem. Simply transfer minted items from an external ERC1155 smart contract to your shop's smart contract address to support buy offers for other non-MetaFab item collections.

  • Limited Offer Redemptions: In some cases, you may want to limit the number of times an offer can globally be used by your players. This could be for things like limited item sales / drops. Shops support the ability to set a maximum number of times an offer can be globally used. For example, you could create a buy offer for a limited sword that can only be purchased 100 times.

  • Offer Caching & Retrieval: On-chain offer caching is automatically handled by MetaFab. Like every other system and feature we offer, you can use our extremely simple APIs and SDKs to immediately retrieve an up to date list of your shop's available buy and sell offers for your players to interact with.

  • Sell Offers: With sell offers, players can sell items back to your merchants / shops in exchange for some amount of your game's currency. This is useful for games where players may accrue large quantities of common items that they may occasionally sell at a reduced price in exchange for some amount of your game's currency.

  • Token Support: In some cases you may decide to build your game on an existing game or game ecosystem currency such as $APE, $WRLD, $MAGIC, etc. You can configure your shops buy and sell offers to use any ERC20 based token/currency of your choice.