Transfer contract ownership

Transfer ownership and control of a MetaFab deployed smart contract to another wallet you control. Transferring control does not disrupt your usage of MetaFab APIs and can be done so without causing any service outages for your game. The new owner wallet will have full control over any relevant item collections and marketplace related pages this contract may be associated with, such as for MetaFab item or NFT contracts.

Your game's custodial wallet will retain a MANAGER_ROLE on your contracts, allowing you to still use MetaFab APIs without issue while you retain full contract ownership and the contract's administrator role. If ever you want eject from using the MetaFab APIs but still retain your deployed smart contracts, you can revoke the MANAGER_ROLE from your game's custodial wallet address for your contract. We do not lock you into our systems.

Please be certain that the wallet address you transfer ownership to is one you control. Once ownership and admin permissions are transferred, your game's custodial wallet no longer has permission to reassign ownership or administrative priveleges for your contract.

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